Our Story

Once upon a time in a beachside suburb of Australia, there was a mother and father called Vanessa and Stu. 

One had a knack for drawing and the other one, well he was good at pretty much everything else.

One day they thought it would be a great idea to start up something new..something of their own. So with a little creativity and a huge dream, indo gingo was born.

It wasn’t just Vanessa and Stu; they also lived with their little mini me. This mini me was sassy and bright, with the whole wide world at her feet. They hoped that this mini me could grow up in an environment without limits, where they could aspire to be anything and to know, more importantly, that they had a place in this world to be free to be 'me'.

So they set about designing and creating products to help inspire all the other mini me’s of this world that everyone has a place on this great big planet. That there are all sorts of mini me’s out there, some very similar and some maybe not so similar ..but you know what…that was ALL OK!

The end.

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